Texas Redistricting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the function of the the Texas Redistricting site?
A: This site serves as a guide to Texas redistricting by providing an overview of the requirements and process to redistrict, news and legislative activity for the current redistricting cycle, and historical information.

Q: What is the Texas Legislative Council?
A: The Texas Legislative Council is a nonpartisan legislative service agency that provides technical and legal support to the Texas Legislature.

Q: Who is my representative; where can I find information about the legislative district that I live in?
A: In Who Represents Me? enter an address to obtain information on the representative, senator, or member of Congress who represents that address. Additional information about the district is available on that website.

Q: Where can I find digital geographic files or historical election data?
A: Digital geographic files and election data can be downloaded from the redistricting Capitol Data Portal site.

Q: Where can I find a more detailed map of my district?
A: DistrictViewer provides the ability to view maps interactively. The further you zoom in, the more map features you see.

Q: I have a list of addresses that I need to cross‐reference with the new legislative districts. Will the council provide that service for me?
A: Unfortunately, the council cannot provide cross‐referencing services beyond what is available on our Who Represents Me? website and mobile app.

Q: Where can I find state district courts or courts of appeals maps?
A: Printable maps for state district courts and courts of appeals can be found under the Judicial Districts section on the home page.

Q: Where can I find historical maps of Texas congressional, Texas Senate, and Texas House of Representatives districts?
A: Printable historical maps for Texas districts can be found through the Historical Maps section of the Redistricting History page of this website.